Xiwen Zhang (张曦文)

PhD Student
School of Computer Science
Georgia Institute of Technology

Email: xiwenzhang AT gatech DOT edu
Phone: (765)426-6858
Office: 3337 KABC, 266 Ferst Drive, Atlanta, GA 30332

I'm a PhD student in the School of Computer Science at Georgia Tech. My advisor is Prof. Alexey Tumanov. Before joining Georgia Tech, I got my Master degree from Purdue University, working with Prof. Felix Xiaozhu Lin .


I am interested in systems support for machine learning and data analytics. More specifically, I am currently working on a distributed dataframe processing framework with support for heterogeneity. Frameworks like Pandas are popular, easy to use, and efficient when processing medium-size datasets (500 MB). However, since most parts of Pandas are single-threaded, it cannot support interactive data analysis on large datasets (10GB). To solve this problem, we are developing a drop-in replacement for Pandas, which imitates Pandas' API, but can efficiently utilize all the available hardware resources (CPUs and GPUs) in a system, so that data scientists can do exploratory data analysis (EDA) on much larger datasets.

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Last Updated: Sep. 2020